The big office clean 07

The day started off rather well with all members of staff remembering their missions and the cleaning items that Jane the Office Manager had ask them to bring in. Jane’s list of health and safety consultants in the city of London England lists was really notorious. She has developed the amazing skill of compiling very exacting lists of health and safety requirements whilst completing her post-grad and that skill that was highly honed paid dividends now thought all the staff. One member of staff shouted three cheers for Jane our wonderful list maker and everyone without exception replied hurrah Jane!

health and safety consultants in the city of London 1

Health and safety consultant’s staff were so very happy in their work. Many thought of giving back their wages as they were so very thankful to be working in the city of London for health and safety consultants. But their major concern would be the impact on their ability to purchase such lovely doughnuts from the shop at the corner of Fleet Street – wonderful chocolate and cream doughnuts were purchased in abundance.

health and safety consultants london

It was an unspoken rule that anyone who scored well in their manual handling training test had doughnuts bought for them at the end of the course. Everyone waited in anticipation of the award being giver out and hoped that the winner was a sharer by nature and not one who miserly horded their doughnuts and took them all home. Although, time had proved that it was impossible to predict who would share and who would make some lame excuse to scurry off home after the award ceremony in order to scoff the lot themselves.

health and safety consultants in the city of London 2

The attendees of the fire marshal course tended to be the more generous and some even brought extra rations in so that no one would be disappointed. Today was no exception, the fire marshal training course delivered such generous folk though Ellie the overall big cheese. Many in the office thought t a little unfair as Ellie always got to choose the doughnut with the most cream and chocolate – but there we have it thought the others, rank had its privilege.