DSE Workstation Assessment London

DSE Workstation Assessment London 

dse workstation assessment London

 Our DSE Workstation Assessment London. is provided at your. place of work. for £299/Group. If you don't have many staff. requiring Workstation Training in London. we're happy for you. to fee split. with a neighbour/s. 

We also offer our. 12 month FREE post course. Support Bundle! For details. click HERE.

 During our visit. your people will learn:

»  Use of computers. at work.

»  Duties of employers. & employees.

»  Best set up.

» Types of injury.

»  Law and office equipment.

»  Tools and support. to help your people. carry out. their own. assessments.

For details. of our FREE post-visit.online course provision.please click HERE.

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For help why. not drop us a note.via our contacts. page you. can ask. for a call back or. request. an email answer. so your day's notcut in toEllie & Mia of our Learning. Support Team look. forward. to hearing from you!

workstation risk assessment london

DSE Workstation Assessment in London

Training in London. |    

workstation assessment london

In our.London Training. we use. key advice so. your people gain. a firm subject grasp.

The law instructs. employers. what they need. to do if theirpeople regularly. use DSE. This is to:

  • » Analyse workstations to. assess and reduce risks.
  • »  Ensure workstations. meet specified minimum. requirements.
  • »  Plan work activities to. include breaks or. changes of activity.
  • »  Provide eye. and eyesight. tests on request, and special. spectacles if needed..
  • »  Provide information and training.

dse assessment london

In addition to our. post course free. e-Learning we provide. our Desk Top System. This gives you. risk assessment templates. and policies. We find that clients. dip in and out of our. DSE Workstation Assessment London. tool box as and. when needed. Our help is. there when. you need it!

workstation assessment london


"Whilst the training. was great, the post course support. that really helped us too. We soon found. out the service. didn't stop when the trainer. left the building. It started"! Christine Haider

"For us quality. was of course key. but so was cost. Great to say got both". Gerda Hasselfeldt

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When you need. extra help to sort out your. work station concerns do. please contact us. We don't make a fee. for a one off piece. of advice. Our focus is on ensuring. you don't have DSE. concerns.

Also, why not try our Fire Training London or Manual Handling Training at you place of work? Our Training is great!

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