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Fire Marshal Training London

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Our Fully Certified Fire Marshal Training is provided at your premises. Training also entitles you to a second Fire Marshal Training Course FREE of charge. Or you may choose a Manual Handling Training Course - it's your call? Our fee equates to £175/Group. Alternatively, we can provide single courses if you prefer.

Post Training Support

This offer is supported by our 12 months FREE post-visit Fully Certified e-learning provision. Provision is via a password protected Desktop Management System in your organization's name & logo.

For details of our 12 months FREE post-visit bundle click here.

Training Overview

» The chemistry of fire.

» Combustion, heat transfer and fire class.

» The main causes of workplace fires.

» Types of extinguisher to use on different fires and how to use them.

» Detection, warning systems & extinguishing equipment.

» Fire risk assessment and the tools provided.

» Current fire safety law.

Our fire training London takes account of the Fire Safety Order 2005.

For an overview of our FREE online course provision please click HERE.

Fire Marshal Course London.


For help with your Fire Marshal Training Course in London why not drop us a note via our contact page. You can ask for a call back or request an email answer so your day's not broken into. Ellie and Mia of our Learning Support Team look forward to hearing from you.


Training at your premises provides the ultimate in convenience!


fire marshal training in London

Fire Marshal Training London helps you to meet your legal duties. The law states that employers must have the right number of Fire Marshals in their work place. In addition, all staff require fire safety training.

The employer must plan ahead to cover for illness, holiday or other absence. This will ensure safe evacuation in the event of a fire at all times.  

Our Fire Marshal Training London is provided at your place of work. This means your staff don't have to leave work and travel to an outside venue. This saves on both travel costs and time.

Questions regarding. Fire Marshal Courses

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Who should we get to attend the training?

  • - Your Fire Marshals
  • - The person/s who are responsible for managing fire safety in your workplace
  • - Those who may be called to fill in when your Fire Marshals are not in the work place

What is the main source of law for. fire safety in place?

  • The law is found in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our training reflects the law. That of fire prevention. After all, you have Fire Marshals in the work place to drive your fire safety proactive. They carry out checks and offer employee support.  They will assist in safe evacuation if called for they are not Fire Fighters.  Highly skilled Fire Fighters arrive after you have dialed 999! 

As part of our Support Bundle we have template guides to help you carry out a fire risk assessment together with example policies, procedures and FREE UNLIMITED e-Learning. Our  focus is on fire prevention. This is what the law calls for.


"Whilst the training was great, it was the post course support that really helped us too. We soon found out the service didn't stop when the trainer left the building. It started"! Christine Haider

"For us quality was of course key but so was cost. Great to say we got both". Gerda Hasselfeldt

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Fire Marshal Training 12 month Post-Training Support

We have received many requests for information regarding our post course support. This is provided for 12 months following our Trainers visit. We use an online password protected management system as a vehicle for this provision.

The management system front page referred to as your Safety Dashboard provides the gateway to our very comprehensive 12 months of ongoing support. The system contains Policies, Procedures, Risk Assessment templates (just fill in the spaces) and of course our now well known industry leading unlimited fully certified online training.

This provision can be offered to your contractors and suppliers should you wish to be generous! This provision came about after many clients contacted us regarding their concerns that the contractors they were instructing could not afford to gain the expensive online courses that were being offered by other training organizations.

Against the backdrop of being advised that one course alone could cost £25/delegate we decided to offer our fully certified course free of charge through our client base.

12 month Post-Training Support (Cont).

For clients wishing to use this facility simply request a link from your Client Support Manager and a link will be sent to you that you simply send to the undertaking you wish to provide free training and support to.

Clients have found that their Client Support Manager is inclined to be rather generous and it is not unknown for a single visit course to be supported by a multi-subject support package.

Through the purchase of one onsite Fire Marshal Training Course clients have benefited from packages for Manual Handling and Manual Handling Risk Assessment. DSE (Display Screen Equipment) and DSE Risk Assessment. Health and Safety and Health and Safety Risk Assessment and of course Fire Marshal, Fire Safety and Fire Risk Assessment online courses and support packages. Should you have any questions regarding our provision please do let us know.

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