Health and Safety Training London

Health and Safety Training London.    

health and safety training london

 For our Health and Safety Training London we charge £299/Group. We provide this at your place of work. If you don't have a great number of staff. for Health & Safety Training London why not fee split? A fee split  with a neighbour/s can bring the cost down to a fraction!

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Your people will learn:

»Base of health and safety law.

»Duties of employers and employees.

»Duties of contractors, agency staff and others.

»Types of law e.g. Common, Civil & Criminal law.

»Costs of breaching the above law.

»The risk assessment process.

»Practical understanding of how to carry out risk assessments.

»Practical work place tools that delegates will use when they return to their individual work places e.g. check sheets and risk assessment forms.

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Health and Safety Training London.

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For help on our health and safety training London. why not drop us a note. via our contacts page. you can ask for a call back. or request an email answer. so your day's not cut in to. Ellie & Mia of our Learning Support Team. look forward to hearing from you!

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Health and Safety Training in London

Health and Safety Training in London  |    

safety training london

Our health and safety training in London. course starts off by taking a broad look at health and safety and by introducing the easy to use tools. and 12 months support. becomes very practical. and work place useful. We provide. health & safety in. plain English to. your people!

health & safety training in london

The course takes. account of the of current. Health & Safety law. We teach your. people how to be. pro active. By carrying out risk assessment. on their process or activity. Putting in place simple. yet cost effective controls. 

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The 12 months support. that we provide means. that they have help when. they need it the most. when they are. starting their assessments. Our templates and tools. will guide them to. easily and quickly ensure. that you are and remain. compliant.

Safety Training in London

safety course london


"Whilst the training was great,the post course support that really helped us too. We soon found out the service didn't stop when the trainer left the building. It started"! Christine Haider

"For us quality was of course key but so was cost. Great to say got both". Gerda Hasselfeldt

health and safety training course london

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