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How do I access training?

Hover over the On-Site Training tab above & click on the course/s required, you will be taken to 'key learning points & post-visit  support overview'. Once you have decided upon your training needs please contact us.

After the Trainer has visited how many people can I have trained with your free Online e-Learning?

We provide our online learning solution on a totally unlimited basis - hence, we impose no limits on numbers.

Do I just get access to the Online course that corresponds to the subject your Trainer provided?

Our Client Services Manager has been known to provide full access to all courses in the past!

Can my sub contractors & suppliers have access to the e-Learning & how do I facilitate this?

To facilitate learning simply send our link to your new starters/sub contractors or suppliers enabling them to complete the course/s you choose on their mobiles/tablets or laptops when convenient. You're the Boss - you choose!

 Are support materials provided?

Templates/checklists are provided where appropriate.

Are there any other fees?

Our training is free. Where formal certification is required delegates are required to take a short online quiz, immediately upon successful completion a certificate can be printed off & a pdf saved back for future use. The quiz hosting company makes a very small token charge for hosting our quiz, providing their management software & certificate maker etc.

Will you be adding to your course provision?

Our e-Learning team are always developing new and exciting courses! New courses are added to our provision on a rolling basis.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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