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Health & Safety Training Online

Learners are provided with »»  An understanding of the legal duties of employers and employees
»  Detail of corporate responsibilities for permanent members of staff, contractors, agency personnel, visitors and others
»  Information on the different types of law that impact on health and safety e.g. common, civil & criminal law
 » An understanding of the penalties for breaching the above law

» An appreciation of the evolution of health and safety law

 » An appreciation of the language and methodology of the risk assessment process
 » A sound practical appreciation of how to carry out risk assessments
 » An introduction to practical work place tools that delegates will use when they return to their individual work places e.g. check sheets and risk assessment matrices.

12 months FREE totally unlimited  Online Health & Safety Training is available to clients who book an Onsite Health & Safety Training  visit or through our Health & Safety Adviser Service

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