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Health and Safety Consultants London

health and safety consultants london City of London, England, United Kingdom 

At Health and Safety Consultants London we offer a Competent Health and Safety Adviser Service as  called for in the Criminal Law. Why not take the painless route to compliance - let our Health and Safety Consultancy build your top down Health and Safety Management System for you? Whatever your needs Risk Assessments, Policies or Procedures we're here to provide low cost solutions. Health and Safety Consultants - Protecting your People, Brand & Directors.

Our Full Health and Safety Adviser Service with FREE totally unlimited fully certified online training is an integral part of our support. Whether you are looking for in-house Fire Marshal Training or Manual Handling Training do please take a look at our pages.

Clear Advice 

We give clear and easy to use advice. We don't complicate things at any stage. We provide our services with an eye firmly on cost to the client.

The Health and Safety Consultancy with Full legally Competent Provision

Please view our levels of Competency to appreciate how we're qualified to advise you and the Health & Safety Executives (H.S.E) position on this important issue.

health and safety consultants london meeting City of London, England, United Kingdom

Health and Safety Audits.

 We provide cost-effective advice in a diverse set of workplace settings. Our advice is provided through our Desktop Management System. Containing template policies, procedures and checklists. We provide FREE unlimited online training to your staff. They can learn when it is convenient to them. In the real world training should be there when your people need it. 

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Health & Safety Management System Development.

All your data is in one place and easy to find. Now you don't have to buy more training. If new people join you our online training takes care of it. It's all free and there are no worries. You will be covered for a full year and we offer a full health and safety service. With our service you please everyone. Our team are set up to bring new courses to our clients all the time so there are always new courses there for you.

Health and Safety Consultants Adviser Service

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At Health and Safety Consultants London we go the extra mile for our clients. Not satisfied with being the lowest cost consultancy on the internet. We even provide fully certified unlimited online training FREE!

Why not let us build your Health & Safety Management System for you? Risk Assessments. Policies. & Procedures. we’re here to meet your needs & we're just a call or email away!

Why not call our Duty Consultant on: 07707 902 789.

The following is included within our Service.

» A copy of our Health and Safety Consultants London Competent Person Instruction certificate for your records.

» Our FREE totally unlimited  online  training. (click. below.).
- Health & Safety.
- Manual Handling.
- Fire Safety & Fire Marshal.
- DSE & Workstations.
- Risk Assessment. (subject. specific).

* Training is required in the Criminal Law. | terms Q&As..

» Risk Assessment Templates Policies and Procedures.

» Checklists for a wide variety of tasks.

» Weekly/Monthly/6 Monthly Self-Audit Systems.

» A Fire Safety Training and Management System.

» Health and Safety Consultants - Email Support.

We offer a full Health and Safety Consultants London Competent Person Service. This is called for in the Criminal Law. Your insurers expect it,. your Tenders., Applications. and Renewal call for it.


"We have the perfect solution from our Health and Safety Consultants. All our systems are a click away Office based or in the field It doesn't matter to our staff care of the supplied Apps, Online Systems and e-Learning. Our staff even use their apps to do training on their 'phones". Claude Reinstädler  Quantim CKS.

Free On-Site Health and Safety Audits.

We appreciate only too well that health and safety management within the workplace can be confusing to some firms. There is one common question that our Duty Consultants receive throughout their day. The central question is “how do we know whether we need to engage the services of a Health and Safety Consultant? We don’t even have a measure of our current health and safety performance against our legislative obligations”.

Health and Safety Consultants London has recently posted a press release. This announces our free on-site health and safety audit initiative. Following the many requests we received regarding uncertainty whether a company is complying with their legislative requirements or not. We have now launched our free on-site Health and Safety Audit.

Based on the premise of ‘if you can''t measure it you can’t manage it’. We quantify your current position. Advise you of improvements that we have identified. We provide a post improvement score. This enables you to clearly understand the what. why and how your address. 

Free On-Site Health and Safety Audits (cont).

Some clients prefer to conduct the documentary part of our audit via telephone. This is because they have extremely full diaries. This depends upon your current management system development. The process need not eat up a great deal of your valuable time. You can delegate the escort requirements of a site walk-through to any member of staff.  Indeed. anyone who might be free at the time of our Consultants visit. The central issue here is that someone who has access to the entire workplace is available to escort our Consultant.

At the time of our visit you can ask as many questions as you wish. Our Consultants are experts in their field. They can provide in-depth answers to all workplace health and safety questions on the spot.

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