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Health and Safety Consultants London

health and safety consultants london 

Our Health and Safety Consultants London. offer a Competent Health and Safety Adviser Service acalled for in the. Criminal Law. Why not take the painless route to compliance & let us build your top down Health and Safety Management System for you? Whatever your needs Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures we are here to provide answers. At Health and Safety Consultants London. we help you. to protect your People, Brand & Directors.

We offer. two service levels.

1. Use of our name. only.with. a Health & Safety Consultants. Cert. of Instruction.  to add. to your papers. at only £100 p.a.

2. Our full. Safety Adviser Service with. FREE totally unlimited. online. training from. only £299 p.a. (Click for service spec).

We give clear. and easy. to use advice. we don't complicate. things at any stage. We provide. our online services. with an eye firmly. on cost to. the client.

Health & Safety Consultants. 

Please view our note on. Competency. to see how we're qualified. to support you. and the HSE position.

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Health and Safety Consultants London

 We provide cost-effective. advice in a diverse set. of workplace settings. Our advice is provided. through our Desktop. Management System, containing. template policies, procedures and. checklists. We provide FREE unlimited. online training to your staff. so that they can learn when. it is convenient to them.. In the real world our training. should be. there when your. people need it and it is. also convenient. .

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Health & Safety Advisers London.

All your data. is in one place. and easy to find. Now you don't. have. to buy more training. If new people join you. our online training takes. care of it. - It's all free. and there are no worries. You will be covered. for a full year and. we offer a full. health and safety service. With our service. you please everyone! Our team are set. up to bring new courses. to our clients all the time. so there are always. new courses there. for you. 

Health and Safety Consultants General Risk Assessment Template

Health and Safety Adviser Service

health and safety consultants in london

At Health and Safety Consultants London we go the extra mile for our clients wherever they are in the UK and please don't think that because we're the lowest priced consultancy on the internet we're not the best - we even include our FREE totally unlimited online training in our fee!

Why not let us build your Health & Safety Management System for you? Risk Assessments, Policies & Procedures we’re here to meet your needs & we're just a call or email away!

Why not call our Duty Consultant on: 07707 902 789

The following provides detail of what is included in our service offered from £299 p.a Click for Service Spec.

» A copy of our Health and Safety Consultants London Competent Person Instruction cet. for your records.

» Our FREEtotally unlimited  online training. (click. below.).
- Health & Safety.
- Manual Handling.
- Fire Safety & Fire Marshal.
- DSE & Workstations.
- Risk Assessment. (subject. specific).

* Training. is required. in the Criminal Law. | terms Q&As.

» Risk. Assessment. Templates. Policies and Procedures.

» Checklistsfor a wide. variety of tasks.

» Weekly./Monthly./6 Monthly. Self-Audit systems.

» A Fire Safety Training. and Management. System.

» Health and Safety Consultants. - Email. Support.

We offer a full. Health and Safety. Consultants London Competent. Person Service. This is called for. in the Criminal Law.. Your insurers. expect it,. your Tenders., Applications. and Renewal. call for it.


"We have the. perfect solution. from our. Health and Safety Consultants. all our systems. are a click away. office based. or in the field. It doesn't matter. to our staff, care. of the supplied Apps,. Online Systems. and. e-Learning. We even. use their apps to do training on. our 'phones. Claude Reinstädler  Quantim CKS.

health and safety consultants London uk

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health and safety consultants london

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